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What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Trials exist not because GOD wants us to test you. That is a lie. HE already knows your capabilities, more than you could imagine. Trials exist because you need to learn one thing: FAITH. Life is hard but God provides. Life is unpredictable but God guides. Life is unfair but God cares. Life is always a challenge but God watches us.

One of the experience that changed my life was to go to college. For the reason that we’re not rich and my mother don’t have enough money for my studies. So I decided not to give up. I strive have to get a scholarship,  and luckily, I passed. Time runs so fast. My mothers hardship will now have a fruit. Difficult situation will never improve as long as you stay in a negative frame of mind. Hopefully, this experience will be an example for the students who are thinking that life is difficult.

The greatest regret we can have in life is not for the wrong things we did. But for the right things we can do but we never did 🙂



Its funny how people still accepts and understands you even in your monstrous attitude.